Bike Tour: Inscriptions on New Year’s Eve

The Bike Tour is a cycling ride where you get a bike, a backpack, a hat and some more for a subscription value low. The ride happens all the time in the process that in normal days would receive a large flow of motor vehicles.

The idea of the organizers is to stimulate the use of the bicycle in the streets, sporting activities and healthy living without using drugs. Bicycles are subsidized by sponsors and your distribution is part of the goal of spreading the use of the bicycle.

Previous Edition

In the latest issue, there was little dissemination of the event. Informally, were getting incomplete information from employees of a Ford Motor Company that sponsored the event. By having the information first-hand, these same officials have exhausted most of the vacancies. The site was bad, slow, with little information about the event of São Paulo, and didn’t help much. Most people, when I found out, it was too late. Registration ended quickly.

Even so, the event was a success. Thousands of cyclists biked on Marginal Pinheiros on a Sunday morning, the anniversary of the city. The impact was great, what did the event this year to be much better organized.

2010 Edition

As last year, the tour will be in day 25 of January, the anniversary of the city of São Paulo, and out of cable-stayed bridge that – that breaking the law does not permit the passage of bicycles and people, which was built to serve only to cars without a little walkway for people arriving on foot across the River, no study to contemplate the

Collective transportation.

The bridge, cyclists will by the Marginal Pinheiros, which will be closed to cars during the event, according to the bridge of the university town and entering the USP. Participants receive a bicycle, which this year was manufactured in Brazil by Caloi, a helmet, a hydration backpack, t-shirt, a medal and a diploma for participation.

The route is flat, except for a slight rise to access the bridge of University City. The rhythm of the ride is quiet and anyone can follow, idependentemente of age or physical condition.

Through an electronic identification to the helmet, the participant will be identified by photo and video cameras along the way, and can view your pictures and videos on the site Later, you will receive a DVD with a video editing with selected images in which he is the main character.

The event is only for those who sign up. Unfortunately, whoever shows up with your own bike cannot participate. According to organizers, the structure was assembled to meet the 6000 people, within the event’s proposal, it is not possible to open the ride to the general public. A shame.


Accessibility and inclusion

There will be 40 disabled people pedaling on bicycles adapted, riding with hands. 40 visually impaired will tandem bikes (bicycle), assisted by guides.

The press conference was part of the material in braille and had a translator pounds (sign language) translating everything that was said.

And two days before the main event there will be an event ” kids “, a ride on a smaller scale for 200 needy children, with ages of 2 to 11 years, to win an event kit that includes the bikes that will …


For the 2010 Edition, there are 6000 vacancies. But don’t be fooled by the numbers: how the registered wins a bike for dirt cheap, they will quickly. In a past experience in Madrid, 8000 entries if sold out in just 4 hours.

If you really want to go on this tour, prepare to spend the new year in front of the computer. Entries will be open at midnight on new year’s Eve. The address to register for the event is Good luck!

That bridge, breaking the law, does not allow the passage of bicycles and people

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