Bike Rider Square’s Birthday

Motor five years ago, on 24 February 2006, the space of the Paulista Avenue situated between Bela Cintra and consolation, who has served as a meeting point for the Bike for more than three years, had your baptism popular, receiving the name of Praça do Ciclista.

At the time earned up to a plate, hand made with the greatest care. The plaque was removed regularly by the Government, being replaced by the power of the public.

On October 17 2007, your name was made official through the Municipal law 14,530, authored by then Councilwoman Soninha Francine. Even so, the press still was reluctant to recognize the name of space.


The plate with the name of address was posted on 15 September 2009, almost two years after the official recognition of the name, and since then the square has served not only as a meeting point for cyclists, but as the setting for stories and reports about the use of the bicycle and also for other demonstrations in defense of rights beyond the Bike.

So, the bike ride this Friday, February 25, is a celebration of this anniversary. Report! Take your joy and, if you can, balloons, red, a smile and what else your imagination. The Bike paulistana is a party!


Workshop the workshop Cycle handy invites everyone to participate in the collaborative workshop today, Thursday 24/Feb from 7:00 pm, where they will be made posters for the Bike tomorrow.

To participate just take:

Some cardboard (can be collected on the street) or cardboard

Ink or felt-tip pen or similar

String or cord

A handful of goodwill

300 gr

3 colhereres

Ideas of creative phrases

2 m


Registration fee: zero money

Bike ride of Salvador Carnival

On the last Friday of each month there are Bike in many cities of the country (look for your city on the Bike). And this month, the bike ride of Salvador Carnival, which produced this beautiful fyler to publicize the meeting. Congratulations!

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