Bicycle Theft, The Law And The Sustainable Supermarket

To cyclists, the posts.

One of the great difficulties for the use of the bicycle in a city like Sao Paulo, favouring the use of the automobile at the expense of all other forms of locomotion, is to have a safe place to park the bike. If anything, we got a hidden corner where they don’t occupy any space who arrives by car, often in the way people walk. And we have to hope for the bike to be there when we get back.

Luciana was so used to go by bike to the same supermarket store Sugar Loaf that I don’t even care about. By arresting your bike always next to the guardhouse of the security guards, kept quiet, believing that she would be safe there. Regular customer of the store, did it daily for two years, until one day your brand-new bike was taken. Simply evaporated. Nobody knows, nobody sees and even tried to convince her that she would be confused and wouldn’t have gone on a bike that day.

Where’s the bike rack Bike rack in the sugar loaf of v. Clementino, in Sao Paulo. Unfortunately, even an exception.
Photo: disclosure

The supermarket who says he social and environmental responsibility and respect and understanding to the next ” don’t try too hard to understand customers who use the bike to go to the supermarket. Despite the Green and social discourse, rare are the stores that offer suitable place to park and lock a bicycle. The impression that we cyclists we have is that the network is interested only in getting enough car cilentes.

The Municipal law of the city of Sao Paulo 14,266 says, in article 8, that your “shopping centers and other places of great influx of people must have places to bicycle parking, bike racks and paraciclos”. That law, hardly fulfilled in this town, is also ignored by the supermarket chain Pao de Acucar, even with your social and environmental.



As aggravating, the law requiring safe in car parks only covers vehicles. Bicycles, motorcycles and even utilities are out. With that, a theft of some of these vehicles becomes a huge inconvenience to the owner, who is forced to enter the justice to achieve your right to compensation. And if the well is a bike, relatively cheap, the costs of proceedings and the advice of a lawyer can cost more than the injury caused by the thief.

But it is a parenthesis for good news, she deserved until a separate matter but I’m going to tell you right here: it was approved at the City Hall of Sao Paulo a Bill to provide for the expansion of insurance coverage against theft in parking lots, covering also the bikes. Only the sanction of the City.

That derive from two positive results: cases such as Luciana are faster and, at least in theory, common parking lots will be interested to receive bicycles, because the biggest impediment claimed by owners of parking lots would be the lack of insurance coverage, implying to the owner the risk to bear fully the prejudice of a larceny.



During production of this story, I looked for the company to obtain a position regarding the case. I forwarded them the affidavit of Luciana, who after that certainly circulated within the company. At the end of the afternoon I was asked a client contact to talk to her directly about the subject. When I did receive an e-mail of Luciana, I knew through her own that in the meantime the company had already contacted to negotiate a solution.

Luciana, which uses the bike to carry the child in school, to shop, attend to customers of their English lessons and move to where more needs to be done, I was pretty angry and frustrated with the way the company came by treating the case as you can follow in her statement in your blog. After contact of today, is more optimistic.

Unlike traditional media, take the Bike will follow this story and tell you how it ends. We hope that goes well, so that the cyclist has back part of your life that was subtracted and so that the company can reverse this embarrassing situation for your brand image. This site maintains open space for the response from the company, understanding that the best answer so far has been the action of contact with the client.

And the Grupo Pao de Acucar finally realizes that cyclists are also customers, consume, spend your money in the shops of the network and deserve the same respect of the citizen who arrives with your imported SUV, occupying myself a parking area where fit ten others who use the bike.

In a city where few companies still received well who arrives by bike, this can be a great differentiator for the company, retaining customers that would be conquered by the emotion to be well received. But you have to take advantage of the timing. The hint.

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