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Once upon a time, it was just a few things that could be bought over the Internet. Today one can buy everything, and there are always many different online stores that sell the same products. It is an advantage for you as a consumer, because you have many options — but it also makes it harder to choose, and to identify where you need to buy, for example, your new bike helmet. is a guide for you to be out and buy new bike helmet on the Internet. The website has collected all the best bike helmet-marks, and split them up so it’s easy to find exactly the bike helmet as you’re looking for.

Are you a fan of Nutcase , or are you not care about the brand? Looking specifically for a bike helmet for your child? Whatever your desires are, so has  created a page specifically to your wishes, so that you can view the entire selection of bike helmets that are most relevant to you.

By categorizing bicycle helmets, it is easier for you to sort in the wide selection, so collectors ‘ website also Bike Helmets from all sorts of different helmets-retailers in the World, so you not only get presented the helmets that are available in one Web store, but rather you get presented the Committee of helmets from a wide range of online stores all in one place.

Well what bike helmet do you recommend?

Which helmet you should buy depends on what preferences you have, and what you use your bike to. If you are, for example, everyday cyclist who just bike to and from work, so you might want to have a modern bike helmet that fits to your attire from But are you on the other hand, sports the cyclist who rides on the mountain bike in the Woods, so it’s probably a different helmet you want.

You must use the bonnet for everyday use, so we recommend either Nutcase or UrbanWinner. This is the egg-shaped/skater helmets which are very fashionable. They come in a ton of different patterns and colors, so there is definitely one you like.

On the other hand, you are not a fan of these helmets, so you should probably increasingly look for the more classic bike helmets. The case for selecting one of these is, that many say that they sit better on your head, and you get more air to the scalp. This is especially advantageous if you either bikes long trips, or gets up high and therefore need to be able to leave the scalp breathe properly.

The bike helmet that fits exactly you is so hard to say, but with the wizard at is you helped well on its way.

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