Barcelona: New Ordinance In Preparation Cyclist

With Sidewalk Pedestrian, one zaragozana organization, we learned that in Barcelona are preparing a new ordinance circulation, as reported newspaper La Vanguardia.  The ordinance in December 2014 even in writing, it has also commented on Ciclosfera.

While not approved the new, still in force earlier, last modified in 2007.

“The bike down the sidewalk in Barcelona,” headlines La Vanguardia. Half.

Pego part of the story because the thing has fabric, starting with the holder (emphasis mine):

A proposal that begins to struggle to change the ordinance movement reaffirms that bicycles can only go on the sidewalks, terraces and walks over five meters and three meters in width, except signaling against. In the center of Barcelona, in the wide pavements of Eixample is not anticipated that signaling against so that theoretically would be excluded for bicycles, not arrive, a few centimeters to those 5 meters wide. This ban already exists in the current standard, but the City Council states that the entry into force of new changes, probably in autumn, will be accompanied by greater firmness in its application.

They will prohibit something that was already prohibited and promise “more firmly” in the application of an existing standard, but for which compliance is not properly veiled. Did you understand? Me neither. Already they know that we feel that the natural site of a bike in town is the road, or possibly a good cycle path. Maybe that’s why we do not understand.

Moreover, they prohibit exceptions. And that of the 5 meters wide, 3 meters freestyle, sounds unnecessary complication. The simplest is a standard, easier to understand and enforce. Will come the city gentleman with the meter to determine if it fits fine?

Anyway, apart from the issue of sidewalks, changing everything so that nothing changes, are more disturbing the traffic ban in groups of more than 10 people or obligation to register commercial bikes (rental, but also cargo). what criteria obeys all this?

The Ayto. Of Barcelona said they have received complaints about the “invasion” of the tours guided bicycle, apparently very popular among tourists.

Groups [bike], with or without a guide, they are a growing activity in Barcelona. The Barri Gotic and other areas of Ciutat Vella tourist attractions are the usual scenarios guided tours, sometimes grouped twenty or more people on bicycles with lights on writingles. There have been complaints about the proliferation of these groups, and a year ago the City Council and in the first instance responded by banning groups of cyclists by the narrowest streets. Those complaints came mainly from pedestrians who were molested by cyclists groups. But, in recent times, the City has registered complaints from other cyclists, annoying, for example, by the invasion of bike lanes by tourist groups.

The same is that we are optimistic, but the proliferation of tourists visiting the city by bike sounds to us has been achieved normalize circulation bike for Barcelona. And if the bike lanes are “busy” (ie, should absorb more capacity), it is that it may be necessary to increase capacity or width. Come a hit, right?

If the use of the bicycle lanes were to Copenhagen or Amsterdam levels, what would propose the City Council? Does it alternate circulation or something? And about identical groups of tourists walking, and “hampering” pedestrian traffic, Excel·lentíssim do something from the City Council? Are both types of groups are comparable?

And finally, it is indicated that bicycles be mandatory to register “commercial use” rental or freight. For what? Because it is not known. Perhaps to add a further obstacle to business Valiant whom he can wish them to use bikes. Who will enforce the measure? Probably nobody.

Excuse me, I’m not optimistic day.