Back Pedaling the Bike Tour 2011? Tell Me How It Was

This text refers to the event of 2011.

To back pedaling in 2012, inquire here.

After the Bike Tour, experienced cyclists in cycling in the street followed who wanted back pedaling, was home to the subway or back to the point of exit, in cable-stayed Bridge. Understand the reason for the action.

We set up the track at the entrance of the USP. As the participants were going to coming, we identified by yellow shirts and asked about going back pedaling.

Most wanted to return to the cable-stayed Bridge or go to the subway, but people wanting to go to more distant places, such as ponte João Dias, North or Isfahan.

The Bikelane for leisure, even down on the day of the event, was taken of people who tried to itself back pedaling.

Volunteers have set a course of its own, given certain neighborhoods. Other assembled or adapted his scripts according to demand. The groups were formed for the trams were identified by yellow plates with destiny.

There were many people wanting to back pedaling. And there were plenty of volunteers, but it was still difficult to meet everyone.

Took a tram back to cable-stayed Bridge, but there were so many people coming back pedaling through the streets of pine trees that part of the Group scattering. I opted for quiet streets, trees, with more shade and less traffic, but some in the Group preferred to follow the avenues even. Is not the best choice, but everything well.

Was so many people at the same time asking for information that I ended up not getting to talk to all volunteers. But to all, our thank you.

And you’re back pedaling? How was?

Is back pedaling the bike tour? Whether or not been accompanied by the volunteers, tell how it was here in the comments!

Has photos?

Has your photos back home riding? Send the link! Mine are here.

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