Automakers Compare Cars To Bike In Commercial

Bike is agile, lightweight, cheap, not pollute,, takes up virtually no space and no jams. That everyone knows or should know. But a little time here, another attribute has been consolidated: defend the use of the bicycle, even not using it, it became something more and more.

The bicycle has appeared increasingly in TV commercials. If previously only appeared in the Park family ride being (or condo), to associate the feeling of freedom, joy and relaxation to some product or service, some time it appears also as a means of transportation, to associate the Green and modern image to what is being sold.

Can repair: in commercials where city scenes, quick almost always has a bicycle traveling or leaning on some wall in the background. In these appearances lightening, it is you understand consciously: all make up a scenario absorbed unconsciously, that brings a feeling that you will associate with that product. In a commercial well done, all the details are studied and nothing is there by accident.

In the video below, selling the idea that people who buy this car is someone so cool and green as a cyclist. Is anybody modern, worried about the environment, beautifying the city and the air with your car. In the end, he joins cyclists who play hockey in fixed wheel bikes: he is part of the same class and is accepted in that medium (so I accept that puts the car in the middle of the bikes and no one complains).

Ok, the car does not emit polluting gases by be electric, but the electricity used to charge it also causes pollution to be produced. Even more in Europe, where there are so many dams (and even they also pollute a little and have your environmental impact). In addition, polluting is not the only problem. He still loses ugly a bike in various.

In that other video, try to convince you that the car is so agile in the city as a bicycle. The result is pathetic.  (tip from @our site)

Realize that the cities of the two commercials has almost no cars. The ideal city for the automakers would be a city without cars? Or is the only situation in which it would be possible to drive with some pleasure?

In the second ad, has no other car really, just the smiling girl that takes the bike out. It’s easy being agile.

In the same line of cities without cars, see that another commercial where everyone who’s on the street disappears when the guy’s in the car. I would even say it’s a realistic situation: many people drive you don’t see anyone outside and acts as if he alone in the world…

I don’t know which is worse: do advertisements, or so many people fall on them.



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Emergency Truck Brakes (localized)