Los Angeles skyline

Los Angeles Nightlife

The “entertainment capital of the world” is of course expected to have an interesting, diverse nightlife. In fact, you can find nightclubs, variety shows and other venues almost everywhere, where jazz, rock, blues, country or western music is played. Los Angeles nightclubs, like the rest of America, offer a mix of live and recorded music, and the […]

Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles Travel Guide

City Overview of Los Angeles Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States after New York. She has been given various names, from “La La Land” to “Tinseltown” – the best known name is simply LA. Alternative health fanatics exist side by side with some of the most glamorous and wealthy people in the world. Most […]

Hollywood sign, Los Angeles

Attractions in Los Angeles

Attractions in Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum This wonderful little arts and crafts museum is often wrongly overlooked. The changing exhibitions (six to eight per year) in the two galleries contain art and handicrafts from around the world and are intended to introduce the cultures from which these objects come from. An additional plus is […]

Attractions in Las Vegas

Attractions in Las Vegas Bellagio The Bellagio has quickly become one of the best known, most visited hotel casinos in Las Vegas and has joined the profitable trend towards European style pomp. It lies in the middle of a four-hectare “oasis” with an artificial lake, on which a northern Italian village was modeled, behind it the […]

Los Angeles sign, Los Angeles

Transportation in Los Angeles

Public transportation Although LA is known as an American city where you drive a lot, the public transportation system is surprisingly good. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA; Tel: (800) 266 68 83 for route information or (213) 922 27 00 for customer service. Internet: www.mta.net) has 1500 buses (Metro Bus) – one of the largest fleets in the […]

Los Angeles Hotels

The following hotels in Los Angeles are divided into three categories: Luxurious (over $ 300) Moderate ($ 100 to $ 300) Inexpensive (up to $ 100) These are minimum rates for a double room per night, excluding breakfast and taxes, unless otherwise stated. The hotel tax of 14% is added to all hotel bills when […]

Corinthians Arena Brazil

Does the heart beat hard for Timon? Regardless of your answer, we know one thing: if you are in Sao Paulo, visiting the Corinthians Arena is a great tour. See with us! Ah, the emotions that only football provides. Visiting a stadium on the day of departure, or even for a tour, is always a satisfying experience, and […]

Maracanã Stadium in Brazil

Are you sure you know Maracanã? Read this text and discover – really – the peculiarities of the most important stadium in Brazil! The Maracanã stadium is one of the great material patrimony of Brazil. Stage of a number of important events throughout our history, from World Cup finals to epic musical shows, the sports complex is […]

Fonte Nova Arena in Brazil

Come see the Fonte Nova Arena and discover that Soteropolitan tourism goes far beyond natural beauty. Like most Brazilians, are you a soccer lover? So what do you think about getting to know Fonte Nova Arena  when you go to Salvador? The stadium is among the most modern in the country. In addition, the fans chose him as the  Best Arena […]