Audi E-Bike: You Have a New Electric Dream

I have to find out when was the moment in which engineers and designers had access to my dreams more geeks and stole me the image which is now its prototype of electric bicycle. Because it is like the one of my dreams!

The Audi e-bike It is only a concept, but it follows the line of electric vehicles that come into your brain just take a quick peek. Carbon fiber Sucuerpo weighs only 1.6 kg, for a total of 21 kg. And the soul is pure technology.

Its interior boasts a trip computer with touch screen that gives us information of our exercise. Bicycle admits three modes of operation: with our effort, fully electric form or with pedal assistance.

Audi bicycle has a 530 Wh battery, is recharging in just two hours and a half, and can be managed with a wireless mobile phone, which can be used to upload progress or unlock it.

Although as you can see in the following video, the most striking is the power manage from that touch control the wheelies and other stunts that allow us to perform with confidence its electric motor in combination with the stability control. One pass.