An Exercise to Work Abdominal, Gluteal, Biceps and Back at The Same Time

The haste and lack of time in training are some of the enemies that we have to get a body and toned muscles and in perfect condition. For this reason, we want to show the way of performing an exercise that in one motion and while this requires help work various parts of the body. In this case We’ll see how to work biceps, back, abdominal and buttocks in a single exercise.

For this exercise, we will simply need a high bank, Since the hand must get it more down the body and does not touch the ground with her. We will also need a cufflink with light weight, Since the tension throughout the entire exercise will be high. First of all, must know that it is important to control maximum our body, because both the movements and the correct execution of the exercise will depend on much of this.

To begin the exercise we must place sitting on the bench with the legs up. To start we recommend doing so only by lifting one leg and the other keep it glued to the ground, slowly raise both legs to keep further tension in the abdominal. In this position the arm must be glued to the side of the trunk. It is important that throughout the whole back it keep straight, front sight and fully stretched leg high up, so that they are the abdominal and buttocks that can withstand the tension.

It is important that we bear in mind that this exercise it should be with every part of the body. In the first place will do it with one hand, and with the other we aguantaremos balance raising it up. In this position described above we will rise cufflink with the arm. How to raise it will be vertical, trying to never detach the arm too trunk. In this way we incidiremos in the back, which is what we want to work both biceps.

It is important that we carry out this exercise in a slow and controlled manner to so focus on the worked parts, which are the abdomen and buttocks to raise the legs, and the biceps and the dorsal to raise the weight of the dumbbell, that we’ll do something about ten times per side with four series on each side.