An Exclusive Exercise for Each Area of The Abdomen

Get a flat belly It is one of the things that we promise more with the arrival of the new year. Do everything possible to get it is in our hand, and therefore it is necessary that we put us hands to work as soon as possible. On countless occasions, we discussed what is the way to get it, since the diet combined with aerobic exercise is the best way of ending the grease that turns the abdomen. Despite not ever forget the muscle toning through the abdominal exercises. So what we will do will be present then three exercises star to touch each one of the areas of the abdomen.

It is important to note that we have first of all the abdominal wall is divided into three distinct zones, the top, bottom and side or oblique. It is true that many exercises work more than one zone, or known as the middle part of the abdomen that activates both the top and the bottom. On this occasion we will show three exercises to isolate perfectly each one of the three areas.

For the bottom abdomen we will recommend the completion of vertical crunch. This exercise is a classic in the majority of routines. For its realization will place us in a vertical sit-up bench. Attached completely to the same back, arms holding on to the handles on the machine and legs shrunk to the chest to start the exercise. What we will do will be to move the legs forward taking care not to exceed the line marked by the hips with your knees. So what we will do will be focus to maximize all the tension in the lower part of the abdomen, isolating this part to perfection.

For the upper zone We will recommend an exercise in soil, which will allow us to isolate this part much and interfere only in the area that we want to work. It is of the upper trunk lifts for which we bust on the floor face up with shrunken legs or high depending on the intensity that we want to make this exercise, since the more raised them have more it will cost us run the exercise. Once placed in this position what we will do will be to raise the trunk upwards with the help of the upper part of the abdomen. Your back should remain straight, like head that will look to the front. This movement which will would be a focus throughout the movement in the upper part of the abdomen that will work throughout the year.

For the oblique We will recommend another exercise that takes place on ground and that focuses only on this part of the trunk. We place lying so side, i.e., with a part of the body stuck to the ground. The arm that is on the ground estiraremos it forward supporting it whole with the palm facing the ground. Legs will remain shrunken to the chest to further concentrate the movement. So what we will do is raise the trunk side so a motion short but concentrated in the part of the oblique.