Abdominal with Hands Suspended in Two Ropes

After Christmas excesses the goal of many is to get a belly in perfect condition. For this reason work again the abdominal It is one of the priorities that many have. Learn new routines and ways of working the abdominal wall is something that is never over, and therefore on this occasion we want to present a different way of working this part of the body. It is of a work abdominal supporting hands at a rope to thus enhance the action of the upper part of the body.

For these exercises just they we will need two ropes with a few ducks where we will support arms throughout the entire exercise. This point of different support will allow us to increase the action of the upper part of the body and have an impact in other words in the abdominals. That Yes, we should not help us with arms when it comes to raising the body, but there is to concentrate all the thrust in the abdominal part, which is that we want to work with these exercises.

How to execute the abdominal workout routines will be the traditional ones in soil, i.e. remain lying on the ground along the whole. That will vary in these exercises will only the placement of the arms, because we mustn’t hands behind the ropes to be moved while we run each year. In this way we bust mouth up on the floor and their hands in high stains on the ropes We will rise to the top of the body through contraction of the upper abdominals, It will be about who they incidiremos this time.

Another exercise that we can carry out with this technique will be elevating the legs and hands. Thus we focus much more exercise in the abdominal area worked, then it will be that hold all the exercise stress. It is important that to perform this type of abdominal with hands resting on the rope not we bend the back, because we have to keep it straight and the view to the front. You should never use hands to raise us, but that we will simply rise until we notice the tension in the machined part.