10 Largest Countries in North America

North America is the world’s third largest continent. However, there are far more countries than just the US and Canada. Do you have a look at which other countries are on this continent and which ones are actually the largest by population and area? Please keep reading.

How many countries are there in North America?

As listed on CountryAAH, there are 23 countries and 9 territories in North America . Some of these are Canada, Honduras, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Panama and Grenada.

How many people live in North America?

In North America, there are 528 million inhabitants, or 528,720,588 people, to be more precise. All according to a census carried out in 2008.

Which continent does Latin America belong to?

Latin America is not a continent, but a cultural geographic region. Latin America has countries that belong to both North America and South America.

10 largest countries in North America by population

In North America, there are 23 countries, ranging from huge Canada with its wide expanses to small, densely populated Caribbean islands. But which country actually has the largest population according to the estimate carried out in 2008?

No. 10: Nicaragua

Nicaragua occupies the tenth place of most inhabitants with 5,743,000 people. The capital is Managua and there live 1 million of all inhabitants. This makes the island one of the densest in the whole of North America.


No. 9: El Salvador

In El Salvador, there are 6 163 000 million inhabitants, which puts the country in ninth place. The country is relatively densely populated and has a fine nature that borders the Pacific. The capital is San Salvador and it was founded as early as 1525.

El Salvador

No. 8: Honduras

Honduras is the eighth most populous country in North America. It is home to 7 466 000 million people and the capital is Tegucigalpa with just under 10% of the country’s population. Honduras borders Nicaragua, El Salvador, the Caribbean and more.


No. 7: Haiti

In seventh place is Haiti with 10,033,000 inhabitants. Here, the population density is as much as 361.5 people per km 2 . Haiti’s poor population is severely affected by the natural disasters that have hit the country.


No. 6: Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has the sixth largest population with its 10,090,000 inhabitants. There is a population density of 207.3 people per km 2 . In the Dominican Republic many people live in the countryside, but also in the large cities of Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo.

Dominican Republic

No. 5: Cuba

At number five, Cuba ends up with 11,204,000 million people. Cuba has been inhabited by colonizers since 1492 and by Native American tribes long before. Here, Spanish is spoken and the island is the largest in the Caribbean.


No. 4: Guatemala

With 14 027 000 million inhabitants, Guatemala comes in fourth place. The country was colonized in the early 16th century and before that lived a variety of Native American tribes. The capital of Guatemala City has about one million inhabitants.


No. 3: Canada

Although Canada is the least densely populated country in all of North America, it ranks third among the most populous countries. This, with its 33 573 000 million inhabitants, mainly lives in the southern parts of the country.


No. 2: Mexico

Mexico is the second largest country in terms of population. Here, 112 322 757 million people live in the eternal sun and heat that prevails. The capital is Mexico City with 8.8 million inhabitants and with as many as 20 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area.


No. 1: USA

The most populous country in North America is the United States. This removed the entire 314 million people, or 314 659 000 inhabitants to be more precise. However, the country is very large and has only a population density of 57.1 people per km 2 .


10 largest countries in North America by area

North America extends from the North Arctic Ocean in the north down to Panama in the south and borders the Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean. North America covers 4.8 percent of the Earth’s surface. Let us therefore look at which countries have the largest area on the continent.

No. 10: Dominican Republic

Beautiful Dominican Republic occupies the tenth place on the list of largest area. This Caribbean island occupies 48,671 km 2 and borders Haiti. This is a populous country where Pico Duarte is the highest peak and where sugar cane plantation and beautiful stands are everywhere.

No. 9: Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an area of ​​51 100 km 2 and a name which means “the rich coast”. Costa Rica has magnificent scenery, volcanoes and one of the world’s largest biological diversity. In addition, 23% of the area is covered by nature conservation areas.

No. 8: Panama

Panama stretches over 75 417 km 2 and is the last stop in North America before South America takes over. Here you will find the famous Panama Canal for those who want to cross the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

No. 7: Guatemala

Guatemala with its 108 889 km 2 borders on countries such as Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador. The country was colonized in the early 16th century and before that lived a variety of Native American tribes. Guatemala is a mountainous country with high mountain ranges mixed with moist, tropical lowlands.

No. 6: Cuba

Cuba is ranked sixth on our list of North America’s largest countries by area with its 109 886 km 2 . This country is the largest island in the Caribbean and is located 150 km south of the United States. The surface is occupied by everything from cities to sugar cane cultivations and tobacco plantations.

No. 5: Honduras

Honduras is four times smaller than Sweden but still occupies an honorable fifth place. The surface of the country covers 112 492 km 2 and borders on two different seas. Here, the Mayan Indians lived long before the country was colonized by Columbus.

No. 4: Nicaragua

In fourth place we find Nicaragua with its 130 373 km 2 . This area is good much smaller than the area of ​​the three largest countries. On Nicaragua’s land there is, among other things, a really large fresh water source named Lake Nicaragua.

No. 3: Mexico

It is Mexico that is North America’s third largest country by area. Located just below the US, this country is spreading well. The total area reaches 21 964 375 km 2 . In addition to the United States of America, Mexico borders the Caribbean as well as the Pacific, Guatemala and Belize.

No. 2: USA

The United States is the second largest country in North America in terms of area with its 9,629,091 km 2 . Here are three of the largest cities in the continent, the lowest point (Death Valley, 86 meters below sea level) and the highest point (Mount Denali in Alaska, 6 190.5 meters above sea level).

No. 1: Canada

Canada is the largest surface area in North America. With a surface area of ​​9 984 670 km 2 , the country pinches first place just in front of the nose on the US. Canada is also the second largest country in the world, with only Russia being larger.