Water Resistant Sleeping Bags

By | June 3, 2016

To use in combination with the cleanser, the waterproof sleeping bag on www.pimasleepingbags.com acts on thewater repellency, insulation and breathability. How so?

  • Renew the fabric drorepellenza;
  • Preserves the breathability of the fabric;
  • No negative effect on fabrics and padding.

Why advantages?

  • The sleeping bag keeps intact its insulating capacity.
  • Does not absorb moisture, his weight remains minimal.
  • The sleeping bag lasts much longer over time.
  • A few drops of water will not be a detriment to your sleeping bag – provided that the fabrics allow it! – because it will slide away.
  • Biodegradable, does no harm to the environment.
  • Fluoro, highly useful and not very used in treatments for water repellency, but non-biodegradable.
  • This is used in the washing machine.

Using Nikwax is held at maximum efficiency the water repellency of the fabric – without inhibiting transpiration, even restoring the previous level dirt – and extends the life of the sleeping bag for a long time.

The combination of these two products is the best you can get for the cleaning, care and maintenance of feather sleeping bag. Their use in combination guarantees efficiency and durability of the lot.

How to wash the sleeping bag down comforter in the washing machine?

First you must wash the beans, and then it comes to the water repellency without ever removing it from the washing machine. Despite certain legends, wash the sleeping bag in the washing machine is not discouraged.

  • Clean well the detergent dispenser from the residues of other washes.
  • Put your sleeping bag in the washing machine.
  • Pour 150ml if you have medium hard water or 100 ml in water from the low hardness.
  • Take a slow and gentle cleaning.
  • Add at least one spin cycle after washing.

How to waterproof the sleeping bag in the washing machine?

  • Add three caps of Nikwax.
  • Make a loop for synthetics at 30°, slow.

How to wash feather sleeping bag by hand?

If you want you can wash the sleeping bag by hand.

  • Fill the bath tub with 4 cm of water a bit warm – where you can insert your hands without pain. Wearing gloves.
  • Pour 150ml of detergent Nikwax.
  • Stir to mix and let it soak 5 – 10 minutes, then mix again.
  • Wash in cold water until clean, scola and risciaqualo yet. Later, Squeeze gently to remove water.
  • If you want, you can do two additional rounds in the washer before a centrifuge.

How to hand-impermabilizzare the feather sleeping bag?

  • In the same tank, put the bag in 4cm of warm water and pour 300ml of Nikwax.
  • Stir to mix and let it soak 5 – 10 minutes, then mix again.
  • Rinse until you see that the water is clean, then still washes, winks and if you want to give him a few rounds in the washing machine.

How to dry the feather sleeping bag?

For this stage, even more so than that of washing, it is good to follow the directions of the manufacturer. Some very long cycles in consiglianodei dry machine, with low temperatures and shaking the bag every so often, some are categorically allowing only the spin cycle in the washing machine.

Leaving the bag in the air, this dries in several days. Once or twice a day you have to turn it over and shake it well so that the feathers to resume their volume and avoid empty sacs and feathers, with deposits accumulate in the corners.

That you air dry or dry machine – on the advice of the manufacturer – it is a good idea to wait at least one more day to be certain that the feathers are completely dry before removing the sleeping bag in any closet – better if nothing above and out of the bag.


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